The Project

NewVoiceMedia are global leaders in cloud contact center technology for Salesforce. Since 2010 we have been trusted to produce three corporate websites & several microsites. Bigger Picture also collaborates with the NewVoiceMedia marketing team on a daily basis to support in creative asset creation, landing pages, automation campaigns and SEO strategy.

Design & Dev

As an authority in the customer service and telesales world, the journey we take their different user types on is key. Working with & integrating third party platforms we are able to offer real time personalisation controlled directly from Alfred CMS, ensuring delivery of the right content at the right time.

BiggerPicture feels like an extended part of our marketing department. They’ve been working with us for more than 5 years on 3 web builds, SEO, landing page optimization, integration with marketing automation, Wordpress, PPC, analytics… pretty much everything you can think of. I talk to them on a daily basis to get project updates and advice.

BP continue to work closely with us to implement new technologies that boost our SEO rankings and compliment our marketing campaigns. Their knowledge of the industry and ability to stay on the cutting edge of new approaches or technology and pass on that benefit to our business is unparalleled. Could not recommend more highly.

Richard MacCaw